N Series
Manufacturing Process
    Laminated Steel Padlock manufacturing process is equipped with Korea's own manufacturing process with long-standing know-how and technology of ZARKER's own, and boasts quality and sylinder systems that are different from foreign consignment products of other companies. Also, it is the most commonly used lock in domestic industrial sites, and it is the largest production line in Korea that can be manufactured in various sizes and colors.

    Laminated Steel Padlock made with ZARKER's technical skills can be trusted and used safely, from the smelting of selected iron plate coils to press work, assembly and riveting work, spraying and inspection work to box packaging. In addition, the key sylinder assembly/design work requiring meticulous work is done manually by selected skilled workers.
    BC Series
Manufacturing Process
    Brass padrock (B-series) is widely used in many companies and government offices because of its wide variety of sizes and durability, and is a representative product of ZARKER, both manageable and durable. Key cylinder, in particular, is made in various sizes and is durable and safe, unlike other company products on the market..

    Through the brass lock manufacturing process, ZARKER cuts its production plant and operates a series of its own production plants, including automatic lathe/key barrel manufacturing/assembling and inspection/packaging operations, to produce products that are more sophisticated and quality than those imported by other companies. The B series is loved by many people for its on-demand (order-type model) in various sizes and key-cylinder models.