ZARKER Co., Ltd.has been paying back the same quality for 10 years since its foundation in 2007, and is a reliable Korean lock brand that operates domestic production lines.

The brand ZARKER®is a combination of A and Z, the first and last letters of the alphabet, and WORKER, which means the person working, and the idea of a company working from beginning to end.
Fast, continuous delivery, reasonable pricing, and yet another promise I'm always looking forward to with you.

CEO greeting
ZARKER®is a leading company representing Korea in the field of key and hardware in the 21st century, which has evolved with constant effort and creative spirit since its foundation in 2007.
In particular, we produce the best quality locks with our know-how in technology development and advanced production techniques in the lock manufacturing process.

With the know-how of manufacturing products built by domestic self-manufacturing of lock products for a long period of time, we are realizing customer satisfaction in the optimal quality system construction and technical skills. We are actively carrying out design production and delivery of custom products in government offices, businesses and special industries Furthermore, we are doing our best to export our products abroad. We promise to continue to promote this process to become a globally recognized locksmith.

    Jeong, Jae Keun